Dare to Dream. Ever wonder how people get a chance to live their dream?

"We create tomorrow by what we dream today" I wish I could tell you who wrote this but sadly I can't. It wasn't me, that I can tell you. But what I can also tell you is that I wholeheartedly believe in following your dreams. There are so many people that think of the negatives first before even giving themselves a chance. To me that's giving up even before you start.
I may accomplish my goals today, or maybe tomorrow but I know without a doubt that I will never accomplish these goals unless I try. I Have to believe in my self in order for any of it to work. I do! 
I believe I can make my mark in this world, I believe I can help others I believe that, Art is a way of loving life. And so I create!
I'm inspired every day by so many that against all odds fight for their dreams. 
So be a dreamer, even when others can't see your dream just yet.
 He believes in Me 

He believes in Me