Wedding tips for every bride

From $100,000 to $100 dollar weddings, all brides go thru the same process, they must choose what they want their wedding day to be like. There's no question every bride is different and every wedding will surely be unique, but one thing that is shared by all brides is that they must go thru the selection process to make this day their own.

This post is not going to tell you what's your style, but rather guide you to make sure you don't forget a few of the details that will shape your day.

  1. Establish your budget- There are millions of ideas for weddings but if you don't establish a guide, you'll soon start feeling overwhelmed with options.

  2. Save the date- After you say Yes this is one of your first thoughts. Remember the time of year you select can affect your theme. (Winter, spring, summer, etc) The time of the year can mean the difference between an outdoor or indoor wedding.

  3. Location, location,location-Destination wedding or closer to home? Many brides now are choosing to do destination weddings but which ever location you choose for your wedding don't forget this will undoubtedly set the tone. Remember your location will play a part in your wedding pictures, so choose wisely.

  4. Theme-You can easily start feeling lost in the different wedding styles, but remember this is Your wedding. This is a great opportunity to start channeling your thoughts by putting together a vision board. Use Pinterest, Magazines, Note pads, smart phones, what ever your method start putting together images that reflect what you like. Soon you will start seeing a trend of the images that capture your eye.

  5. Wedding Gown- Unequivocally the single most important garment you will ever choose. There are as many wedding gown styles as there are brides! Remember to stay true to your style, the gown should complement you. Take into consideration your wedding style, figure and time of year. This is a once in a lifetime gown that should make you feel as if your in a dream.

  6. Vendors- Talk about a hard task! Lol No matter who you choose as a vendor one thing you should always remember is book early. Wedding vendors book way in advance, a year or two in advance at times.

  7. Flowers- No matter the flower of your choice you can never go wrong with flowers. Make sure to stay consistent with the look you want to achieve. Your florist will be a great guide to getting the style that best goes with your theme.

  8. Rules- What I mean is church or venue you need to make sure and discuss any rules that need to be followed in these location.   Many couple get caught up in the excitement and forget to double check what's allowed or not at the church or venue.  

  9. Cake- Yes it's gorgeous, but does it taste good? Set up a tasting consultation with your baker. Big or small your cake should be beautiful but most importantly tasty.

  10. Food-Most venues provide catering, however you need to decide if your interested in hiring an outside vendor to cater your wedding or allow the venue to provide the meals. There's a million fresh ideas to wedding refreshments and meals. Have fun with this and make it part of your theme. 

  11. Photography- Select your photographer as soon as you select your venue. We get booked far in advance as well and trust me it's very common to receive calls from brides looking for the same date. This is a detail you don't want to leave for last. After the wedding day, your photos are your only way to relive that special day.

  12. Music- Music is literally the life of a party. You can choose one or more vendors to cover different parts of your wedding. Make sure to attend events they are working and see how is the atmosphere before hiring your vendor

  13. Bar- To do an open bar or not? That is the question. Well it depends on the type of party you want to have. If you are big partier an open bar is the way to go. But if you don't consume alcohol don't feel like you have to change for this event. 

I hope what ever your style remember to stop and enjoy every minute.

Happy planning!

By Jaydee Reid