Bride & her horses

Oh it was fun! I have to definitely say in this shoot the horses were absolutely in charge. LOL

Lauren flew back to her home town in Moyock, NC to capture her bridal photos with her beloved horses and dogs. 

The session started in late afternoon and we were oh so happy to have fantastic weather. We arrived at the brides estate and met the brides mom and her horses. It was such a nice experience. 

I most say I am so blessed to have the clients I have, Sherry (Lauren's mom) was so welcoming and caring. 

As we looked at the locations we wanted to shoot from we waited for Lauren to finish with the last details of her make up and hair. 

A we shot the photos and got to chat a bit it was clear to us that for Lauren these horse were so special. In fact I can safely say they were more like her best friends.

Lauren not only looked beautiful but she was a trooper too. Cowgirl boots on we shot some fantastic photos. 

Lauren Bridal-8.jpg
Lauren Bridal-18.jpg
Lauren Bridal-23.jpg
Lauren Bridal-31.jpg
Lauren Bridal-40.jpg