Love is a personal thing - just my thoughts as a wedding and couples photographer

Hi there I guess you might be reading this and wondering what I mean by Love is a personal thing. I've been around many couples young and old and I've had the privilege to be a witness of the love. And well I got to thinking about all the couples around the world and how no matter where you live or what you like, there's always a perfect match for you. Sharing your life with another person, more importantly your best friend is for sure one of life's awesome gifts. 

You don't have to be a perfect couple to be perfect for each other. The more I get a chance to be around other couples I notice how more and more it seems like opposites attract. And you would think that would make a relationship hard but on the contrary it seems to make it balanced. You see what you may be lacking in an area your partner will fill, and vice versa. Having common interest is a must, things that you both like and share. But this doesn't mean you have to be like each other, It just means you share the likes and dislikes and learn from each other. 

So if there were any words of wisdom I could ever share, it would be to love each other for the things you see the same and even more for the things you see differently. 

Be compassionate, caring and respectful, and life will always be sweet! 

 This is my love, and yes we are the prime example of opposites attract. Right baby!

This is my love, and yes we are the prime example of opposites attract. Right baby!

Love is an adventure, all you have to do is live it!

San Juan, Puerto Rico- Photographer

Thru out my life there have been many people that asked how I became a photographer. I was 19 years old attending the University of Puerto Rico and was told I needed to add a couple of electives to my curriculum. After looking at what was available I finally decided on two classes that peaked my interest, French and Photography. Little did I know that the two choices I had made literarily defined me in ever way. Anyone that knows me, knows I love to travel and learn about new cultures and languages. And photography for me is the opportunity to capture the beauty of life with all it's glory and imperfections. I have been very lucky to have the opportunity to see a bit of the world, yet I am always looking to explore more, see more, learn more.

My photography is classic but it's defined by capturing essence. The essence of a beautiful scenery, the essence of a person or simply the essence of life. Life to me is light and photography is light. The presence or absence of it, the direction of light is what makes a photo. 

Here I have just a few photos taken with a Yashica and 35mm Black and White film. No flash, only using available light to document life as it was, uninterrupted. Soon after taking these pictures I couldn't wait to go into the lab and develop them. I spent hours in the lab loving every single minute of it. I have to say I don't possess the virtue of patience when I want something. Going thru the steps to expose my film and see the results of what I can only describe as being a witness was exhilarating. I could no sooner wait for the image to appear in my paper as I ran it thru the chemicals. This is why in some of my photos you may see some chemical stains. 

Yes this is evidence of my lack of patience. I couldn't wait any longer to see the world again, to see it thru my eyes. 

The photos I share with you today were my first photography work as I was learning the art and were taken in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico between 1989-90. Old San Juan today remains for me a place full of life, history, mystery and love. When I ever I get the opportunity to shoot there is like I take a step back in time. I start imagining what it was like back when the spanish explorers lived there. I wonder what it was like later on as my parents lived their teenage years. I wonder what is like today with the millions of people that visit the place. Today just like when I was a child Old San Juan remains magical to me and it is and will always be one of my all time favorite places in the world. 

2018 Brides planning is officially underway!

Hello my beautiful brides! I am super excited to already start conversations with my 2018 Brides. You have to love the bride that plans ahead for the important things she wants to have on her wedding day. What can I say it's truly an honor to be part of your lives and I thank you so much so thinking of me.  Having said this if you are interested in booking me as your photographer please give me a call as soon as possible. Remember I only book an intimate number of weddings a year. Can't wait to hear from you, Much Love Jaydee!

 2018 is officially beginning 

2018 is officially beginning 

Photographer tips for wedding day make-up

Make-up Style for your wedding day.

Cranberry, pink, nude eyeshadow? Many  magazines have millions of styles and trendy colors for brides on a wedding day. Bride models during bridal runway shows in New York City, Paris, Italy, to name a few are dressed and made up to captivate attention. As a bride you want to captivate the attention of your groom and your guest but not all make-up trends are intended for brides. There are a few things to consider when deciding what your make-up style will be for you wedding day. Here are just a few key points to think about.

  1. Are you having a morning wedding, middle of day or late evening event.
  2. What is your overall theme?
  3. Is your dress romantic, modern, Boho, etc.?
  4. Do you prefer the less is more approach?   
  5. Is this an indoor or outdoor wedding?

 These are just a few things you should think about when planning your hair and make-up. Make-up artist and Stylist will be the best source of guide for you when it comes to your wedding day. They not only have the knowledge and experience, but they help guide you in a relax and fun atmosphere. Talk to your make up artist and schedule your trial. You want to make sure to schedule these appointments at least 2-3 months in advance at minimum. This will allow you to make sure you have selected the best stylist for you.  

As a photographer these are the things I educate my brides in:

  1. Make sure you do a hair and make up trial-The perfect time to do this is for your engagement session.
  2. Waterproof, waterproof, waterproof- Trust me I had to start wearing water proof make-up because even thou I am the photographer I am not tear proof, LOL  Yes I cry at weddings! I can't help it sometimes, weddings are just packed with emotions.
  3. Touch up kit- ask your make-up artist for a touch up kit. If they have one that's perfect if not make sure to have your own planned ahead of time. Remember you will be having tons of pictures taken throughout the day. 
  4. Be you! What I mean is do a make-up and hair style that fits your personality. 
  5. Also Flash photography is bright so keep that in mind.

Well I hope I have helped a bit with some of my experience thru the years.If you want to share information with me, We’d love to hear your side! 

Take care and happy planning!


 This is my beautiful bride Lauren getting her make-up done for her Estate Rustic Style wedding in North Carolina. 

This is my beautiful bride Lauren getting her make-up done for her Estate Rustic Style wedding in North Carolina. 

Dare to Dream. Ever wonder how people get a chance to live their dream?

"We create tomorrow by what we dream today" I wish I could tell you who wrote this but sadly I can't. It wasn't me, that I can tell you. But what I can also tell you is that I wholeheartedly believe in following your dreams. There are so many people that think of the negatives first before even giving themselves a chance. To me that's giving up even before you start.
I may accomplish my goals today, or maybe tomorrow but I know without a doubt that I will never accomplish these goals unless I try. I Have to believe in my self in order for any of it to work. I do! 
I believe I can make my mark in this world, I believe I can help others I believe that, Art is a way of loving life. And so I create!
I'm inspired every day by so many that against all odds fight for their dreams. 
So be a dreamer, even when others can't see your dream just yet.
 He believes in Me 

He believes in Me 

Working in my office with these two waiting

Ever wonder what your pets think about? I swear I walk anywhere in the house and get followed every step of the way. Then sit at my desk to do some work and they act like it's the most boring time for them. LOL Yet let me be outside with them and all of a sudden they don't want to be called to stay next to me. 

 Poor babies so bored and nothing to do but wait for mom

Poor babies so bored and nothing to do but wait for mom


Demo is just chilling this morning

This is Demo my 6 year old Saint Bernard. Demo is actually the subject of a good bit of my photo work. It takes a few minutes after being outside with him to actually get the chance to snap a few photos. Initially he is so excited about being outside together, he is right up on my face. Really! not even exaggerating, he gets his gigantic face super close to mine. Now mind you Demo is around 165 lbs. and stretched out little over 6 ft long so against me who comes in at barely 5 ft 2 in it's for sure an interesting sight. He's a gentle giant!

Wedding flowers favorite of 2016

Hi beautiful bride!

Did you know the most popular flower this year selected by brides is the Rose. Yes the classic rose seems to still be the runner up in flower arrangement.  Flowers actually set the tone of your wedding style. Have you decided which flower is more in line with the theme you would love to have for your wedding day? Planners are an excellent source of information and can help guide you thru the many different types of flowers you can choose from.  Of course some other popular choices ranked high this year such as Lillies, Peonies, Tulips, Hydrangeas and so on. What ever your style remember all flowers are beautiful in their own unique way. 

 Pearl White Events design

Pearl White Events design

Table design above is by Pearl White Events

 Greenery Productions Design

Greenery Productions Design

Design above was by Greenery Productions

Classics, Black & White film...

So if you could see me yes I am super excited. Ok jumping of joy! I just picked up a new addition to the camera family. I picked up a film camera I had been wanting.



Yes! you heard me right film. Yes, I love my digital cameras but Film photography holds a dear place in my heart. Ok so I am guilty of being that one person that looooves all the classics. Black & White movies and photos, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Audrey Hepburn, the list goes on and on. You see to me this era is not just classic. It's an era of elegancy, beauty, sweet simple moments and so fun to watch.

I watch movies of love in Paris and Fred Astaire. I travel the world and soak up history and love every minute of it. 


Wedding tips for every bride

From $100,000 to $100 dollar weddings, all brides go thru the same process, they must choose what they want their wedding day to be like. There's no question every bride is different and every wedding will surely be unique, but one thing that is shared by all brides is that they must go thru the selection process to make this day their own.

This post is not going to tell you what's your style, but rather guide you to make sure you don't forget a few of the details that will shape your day.

  1. Establish your budget- There are millions of ideas for weddings but if you don't establish a guide, you'll soon start feeling overwhelmed with options.

  2. Save the date- After you say Yes this is one of your first thoughts. Remember the time of year you select can affect your theme. (Winter, spring, summer, etc) The time of the year can mean the difference between an outdoor or indoor wedding.

  3. Location, location,location-Destination wedding or closer to home? Many brides now are choosing to do destination weddings but which ever location you choose for your wedding don't forget this will undoubtedly set the tone. Remember your location will play a part in your wedding pictures, so choose wisely.

  4. Theme-You can easily start feeling lost in the different wedding styles, but remember this is Your wedding. This is a great opportunity to start channeling your thoughts by putting together a vision board. Use Pinterest, Magazines, Note pads, smart phones, what ever your method start putting together images that reflect what you like. Soon you will start seeing a trend of the images that capture your eye.

  5. Wedding Gown- Unequivocally the single most important garment you will ever choose. There are as many wedding gown styles as there are brides! Remember to stay true to your style, the gown should complement you. Take into consideration your wedding style, figure and time of year. This is a once in a lifetime gown that should make you feel as if your in a dream.

  6. Vendors- Talk about a hard task! Lol No matter who you choose as a vendor one thing you should always remember is book early. Wedding vendors book way in advance, a year or two in advance at times.

  7. Flowers- No matter the flower of your choice you can never go wrong with flowers. Make sure to stay consistent with the look you want to achieve. Your florist will be a great guide to getting the style that best goes with your theme.

  8. Rules- What I mean is church or venue you need to make sure and discuss any rules that need to be followed in these location.   Many couple get caught up in the excitement and forget to double check what's allowed or not at the church or venue.  

  9. Cake- Yes it's gorgeous, but does it taste good? Set up a tasting consultation with your baker. Big or small your cake should be beautiful but most importantly tasty.

  10. Food-Most venues provide catering, however you need to decide if your interested in hiring an outside vendor to cater your wedding or allow the venue to provide the meals. There's a million fresh ideas to wedding refreshments and meals. Have fun with this and make it part of your theme. 

  11. Photography- Select your photographer as soon as you select your venue. We get booked far in advance as well and trust me it's very common to receive calls from brides looking for the same date. This is a detail you don't want to leave for last. After the wedding day, your photos are your only way to relive that special day.

  12. Music- Music is literally the life of a party. You can choose one or more vendors to cover different parts of your wedding. Make sure to attend events they are working and see how is the atmosphere before hiring your vendor

  13. Bar- To do an open bar or not? That is the question. Well it depends on the type of party you want to have. If you are big partier an open bar is the way to go. But if you don't consume alcohol don't feel like you have to change for this event. 

I hope what ever your style remember to stop and enjoy every minute.

Happy planning!

By Jaydee Reid

Lauren & Cody

OMG I was so happy to have the opportunity to photograph Lauren & Cody's Wedding day. Wedding took place at Lauren's family home. They had a Country Rustic Theme and let me tell you all the details were beautiful. I loved their decorations and the atmosphere was beautifull. 

 Wedding rings for Lauren and Cody truly showed their personalities   

Wedding rings for Lauren and Cody truly showed their personalities


 Every details was thought off and the area for the gifts was decorated with the beautiful colors of the fall with pumpkins and sunflowers. 

Every details was thought off and the area for the gifts was decorated with the beautiful colors of the fall with pumpkins and sunflowers. 

 The earthy look of Lauren's bouquet was simply beautiful. The bright yellow and green was the perfect complement to her rustic country style wedding. 

The earthy look of Lauren's bouquet was simply beautiful. The bright yellow and green was the perfect complement to her rustic country style wedding. 

 Wedding cake was adorned with cotton and sunflowers similar to Lauren's and bridesmaids bouquets. 

Wedding cake was adorned with cotton and sunflowers similar to Lauren's and bridesmaids bouquets. 

 Lauren & Cody were truly a pleasure to photograph! Lauren could hardly contain her happiness.

Lauren & Cody were truly a pleasure to photograph! Lauren could hardly contain her happiness.

Bride & her horses

Oh it was fun! I have to definitely say in this shoot the horses were absolutely in charge. LOL

Lauren flew back to her home town in Moyock, NC to capture her bridal photos with her beloved horses and dogs. 

The session started in late afternoon and we were oh so happy to have fantastic weather. We arrived at the brides estate and met the brides mom and her horses. It was such a nice experience. 

I most say I am so blessed to have the clients I have, Sherry (Lauren's mom) was so welcoming and caring. 

As we looked at the locations we wanted to shoot from we waited for Lauren to finish with the last details of her make up and hair. 

A we shot the photos and got to chat a bit it was clear to us that for Lauren these horse were so special. In fact I can safely say they were more like her best friends.

Lauren not only looked beautiful but she was a trooper too. Cowgirl boots on we shot some fantastic photos. 

Lauren Bridal-8.jpg
Lauren Bridal-18.jpg
Lauren Bridal-23.jpg
Lauren Bridal-31.jpg
Lauren Bridal-40.jpg